Premier Spam Prevention Plugin for WordPress

The QUADRUPLE Crown of Spam protection

Runs every comment submission through a gauntlet of tests, all invisible and harmless to human visitors:

  1. The clocker keeps an eye out for anyone submitting your forms too quickly to be human and tosses them into a bottomless pit of ridicule.
  2. The bouncer tosses anyone caught trying to sneak in with form fields only spammers would use.
  3. The planter silently distributes secret codes to every genuine human visitor which are then verified upon form submission.
  4. The surgeon¬†is an optional layer of protection that severs your website’s capability to receive trackback spam.

Defense wins championships, but offense sells tickets.

Supporting SpamLord with a subscription will empower your WordPress sites to turn the tables on spammers:

  • When spam is detected, the form is dynamically transformed into an authorization request to be added to SpamLord’s annoyingly frequent mailing list. In other words, when someone tries to spam you, they only end up spamming themselves!
  • Tap into a carefully curated database of the world’s most obscene insults which is used to generate your website’s “thanks for the spam” message, translated into regionally appropriate languages based on the spammer’s IP address.
  • A state-of-the-art form editor that allows you to create a multitude of spam-free forms for your WordPress site.