Typo Update AGAIN (v0.24)

Happy holidays! No wait a second, look at the time. It’s FIVE AM. Why am I awake? Why, more importantly, am I awake and releasing an update to the plugin? Was it not working properly? Perhaps there was a horrible bug that was messing up everyone’s websites? No, no, nothing that absurd. The SpamLord exists in either a different time-zone or perhaps a reality where it is totally fine to harass someone at FIVE AM on their day off, because he thought it would be an opportune time to verbally berate me over a typo he found. Yes, another typo… In the source code. Apparently while attempting to pry a Doritos crumb from under the X key, I unintentionally spammed my own code with about 300 X’s.. Which, for the curious, looks like this:


Highly pornographic material? A whole bunch of hugs with no kisses (or maybe the other way around)? Extremely wrong answer on Family Feud? Was this meant to represent a very thoroughly marked spot? No, just a single, tiny corner crumb of a Cool Ranch Doritos chip. On a side note: on most laptops the keyboard keys are all one big piece. Food for thought.

Anyways, outside of that I am happy to report: no more trackback spam all night… Working great!

v0.24 zip archive

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