The Morality Update (v0.31)

Moving toward an official public release, the SpamLord thought it would be best to take things a little more mainstream and give you, the user, an opportunity to tweak the plugin to your liking.

Historically, one of the main features in the plugin was the terribly profane insults SpamLord would hurl back at spammers. We always justified this because, well for one, if you are spamming websites you deserve at least an insult, and for two, the insults are translated into Esperanto, a language that very few people actually speak. This serves one very specific purpose: bypassing network profanity filters.

It has always made me laugh, the idea of a spammer getting this strange response and then saying, hmm, I don’t recognize this language, maybe I will copy and paste into a translator that can.. hmm.. Esperanto it says.. okay, let’s see what the messag… OH! OH!! NNNOOOO!!! (and then they commit suicide in the most horrific way possible)

Back to the point, you now not only have an operating mode to set (which basically just determines how roughly to treat spam), you also have a language level which can be set to either:

  1. insult spammers as rudely as possible tastefully and sarcastically respond in Esperanto*
  2. make them think their attempt worked by saying something falsely positive along the lines of “Thanks for your comment!”
  3. respond with a message that you wrote yourself

So really, this plugin is pretty much for everyone now.

It stops comment spam completely.

It stops trackback spam completely.

And now you can do so in either a really kind and gentle way (by just flagging the messages as spam and saying something nice to the spammer), or in a really brutal way (by executing spam before it can start and ruthlessly insulting the religion of said spammer).

I hope that makes everyone, excluding spammers, happy.

v0.31 zip archive

*In an effort to get into the WordPress Plugin directory, I have cleaned up the horrific Esperanto insults to be a little more G rated. Apologies to the three or four people this disappoints.

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