More Informative Notifications (v0.40)

Automated spam? Still gone. Trackback spam? Still dead in the water. Tastefully sarcastic responses to rude spammers? Sure thing. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.8)? Why wouldn’t it be? What is SpamLord missing, you ask? You have so many questions…

Annoying CAPTCHAs? Sorry, NO! Math questions? NOT A CHANCE! Configuration? Not really necessary! Professional writing skills? BZZZZ! Sorry wrong again. My point is, the thing works great with zero effort, and I am not a good enough writer to explain this properly. It’s perfect. Still, though, boredom strikes when you least expect it.

Today we have added information to your notifications. So now, on top of everything else, when you get notified of a comment you will have some amazingly detailed information about the person who used your form. Things like IP lookups, proxy detection, reverse DNS records.

It’s an extremely minor update really… in fact, I guess you could say that we serve minors.

v0.40 zip archive

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