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Please download SpamLord from the WordPress Plugin Library here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/spamlord


Archived Versions

v0.40 zip archive released on 2014-01-22

  • more informative than ever!
  • adds referrer, browser, proxy, IP, HTTP, and DNS information to comment notifications

v0.32 zip archive

  • updated for WordPress 3.8!
  • a small incompatibility was addressed within 10 minutes of 3.8 being released (which is really fast)

v0.31 zip archive

  • now customizable!
  • added a handsome icon to the configuration screen
  • language settings are now available to customize the Automated Spam Responder
  • doubled the number of sarcastic responses available to SpamLord
  • now possible to define a custom message to spammers
  • a bug was eliminated from the update script which had trapped a few victims in an infinite loop of updates

v0.24 zip archive

  • enhanced Trackback protection!
  • now closes Trackbacks and Pingbacks on existing posts of all types and status when running in extreme mode
  • found and fixed a typo which was the result of trying to pull a small Doritos crumb from the keyboard

v0.23 zip archive

  • now protects against Trackback spam!
  • added a new operating mode that disables Trackbacks and Pingbacks
  • updated verbiage on the configuration page
  • added another tastefully sarcastic comment to the Automated Spam Responder
  • removed one very minor but annoying bug

v0.14 zip archive

  • fixed a typo!
  • it was in the source code comments, by the way

v0.12 zip archive

  • testing the updater!
  • changed the version number
  • literally, that was everything

v0.11 zip archive

  • initial release!
  • eleven is my favorite number
  • can’t remember the last time I got a spam comment
  • you are welcome